Lamb Skewers and Quinoa Salad


  • 120g Uncooked Quinoa
  • ½ Cucumber (Seeds Removed + Halved)
  • 10 Mini Tomatoes, Halved
  • 20g Cooked Garden Peas
  • Lettuce Leaves
  • 2 Tbsp. Pesto
  • ¼ Lemon Juice
  • Salt + Pepper to Taste


  • 400g Lamb Cubed
  • Oil, for Cooking
  • Pinch of Salt + Black Pepper


  • 1 Tbsp. Pomegranate Arils
  • Basil Leaves
  • Lemon Wedges

Step 1

Soak the skewers for 30 minutes in cold water before you thread your lamb on them as this stops them from burning. If you are using metal ones, disregard this step and thread the lamb evenly between each of the skewers, sprinkle salt over them and set aside.

Step 2

Cook the quinoa as per the pack instructions, when cooked spread on a large baking tin to cool.

Step 3

Heat a pan over a medium heat, add oil and heat for a minute or two, add in the lamb skewers in batches 3-4 at a time, turning so each side is browned. Let the lamb skewers rest in a warming oven in between batches.

Step 4

Place the lettuce at one end of the serving plate/bowl and then add the cooked quinoa. Arrange the cucumber, tomatoes and peas on top of the quinoa. Squeeze the lemon juice over the top and add salt and pepper to taste. Arrange the cooked lamb skewers at the other end of the plate/bowl, drizzle the pesto over the top of the salad and lamb, sprinkle the pomegranate, basil leaves, add the lemon wedges to the dish and serve.

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